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Taicang Tianma Travel Agency

Updated: 2020-05-07

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Address: No 20, Renmin North Road, Taicang

Tel: 0086-512-53530808 0086-512-53540808

Fax: 0086-512-53540808

Website: http://www.tctmt.cn/

The slogan “traveling with Tianma, enjoying your life” is Tianma Travel Agency’s commitment to consumers and can be found on each leaflet they give out.

The main business scope of Tianma covers: organizing domestic tourism, sightseeing and vacation, booking hotel rooms, discount airplane tickets and cars for cities and related business travel.

For six consecutive years (from 1994 to 1999), Tianma Travel Agency has been the top tourism company in Taicang, with an outstanding performance in business operation. For six consecutive years, it has planned and organized many activities in cooperation with the municipal publicity department. These activities were highly praised by the public. They include the, “10,000 people visiting Taicang”, the summer camp for excellent students of the Taicang education system, watching international sporting events and the “Tianma Cup” travel prose competition.

Their slogan is well known to travelers and its hotline (53530808) is the first choice for Taicang tourists to call.

Tianma Travel Agency boasts a skilled and energetic workforce and has put forward a new concept of a “travel supermarket”. The company aims to provide advice, planning and humanity services for the public in travel, business travel, meetings, exhibitions and trade promotion activities.