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Family trip guide for May Day holiday

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Updated: 2014-04-16

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The May Day holiday is approaching. In the beautiful springtime, Taicang provides a wide choice of scenic sites for a two-day family trip.

If your child is old enough to ride a bicycle, your family may ride to Donglin village, enjoying the rural scenery and getting exercise. Donglin village has built a picking garden that covers 150 mu (33.33 hectares), wooden houses and an ecological restaurant.

Children can get close to nature, do some farm work and taste the local agricultural products.

Jincang Lake

In the afternoon, visitors can go to the Jincang Lake park, which is about 3-minute-ride from Donglin village. The park boasts a clean river, fresh air and the largest lawn in Taicang, which has an area of over 100,000 square meters.

The park is the best place to fly a kite. The park also includes a barefoot forest park, of which the ground is paved with white sand and pebbles.

Shaxi old town

After Jincang Lake, visitors can ride north to Shaxi old town. Shaxi has a long history, distinctive sightseeing and rich specialties. The old street and bridges, ancient architecture, classic garden and former residence create a unique quietness and simplicity.

Peony Garden

For the second day, visitors can travel east to Liuhe town. The 2014 China-Jiangnan Peony Cultural Festival kicked off on April 13 at the peony garden in Liuhe town. More than 40,000 peony flowers of 3,000 varieties are blossoming one after another.

Seafood-tasting in Liuhe

Located on the Yangtze River estuary, Taicang has abundant seafood, including saury and silver fish. Visitors can taste the authentic seafood in Liuhe’s restaurants.

Modern Agriculture Park

Taicang Modern Agriculture Park is a special tourist resort and a national 4A scenic spot. Visitors can experience the ecological environment, advanced cultivation techniques, peculiar animals and plants, and charming Chinese roses.

The two-day family trip will help visitors appreciate the city’s distinctive beauty and rural landscape, strengthen communication with children, get close to nature and keep fit.