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Taicang spring travel information

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Updated: 2014-04-02

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Located on the Yangtze River estuary, Taicang has abundant seafood, including reeves shad, puffer fish and saury.

During the festival, citizens can get coupons in places like the supermarket. They can taste seafood and use the coupons in participating restaurants. In addition, visitors can get coupons for free by joining activities released on Taicang tourism’s official micro blog or WeChat.

The food festival has attracted many popular and unique restaurants.

Taicang Peony Garden and Modern Agriculture Park Taicang Yuan Garden, a major scenic spot in the Yangtze River Estuary Tourist Resort, is home to the Peony Garden, which has over 40,000 peonies among 360 varieties. It is honored as the best peony garden in the Jiangnan area (regions south of the Yangtze River) for its flourishing and colorful peonies. Peony flowers are in full bloom every April. This year, a peony festival will be held in the garden. Tourists can join in many activities, including a bridge contest, the fifth “Gao Cheng Cup” Liu River photo contest, a Taiwan food display, a Chinese local snacks display and a folk handcraft show.

Taicang Modern Agriculture Park is a special tourist resort, a national 4A scenic spot, a national agricultural industrialization demonstration base and a Chinese characteristic town. Visitors can experience advanced cultivation techniques, peculiar animals and plants, and rich Chinese rose culture.

Cycling tour and cross-country race Taicang is a famous “slow city” for many cycling fans because it has several good bike routes. One popular route recommended by an experienced fan spans across Nan Garden – Dianzhan village – Jincanghu Lake Park – Shaxi ancient town.

Cycling from Nan Garden north along Dongtinglu Road, visitors will arrive at Dianzhan village, where they can taste authentic country dishes. Visitors can rest in Jincanghu Lake Park, cycle on the avenue or play on the lawns. Shaxi ancient town is 20 minutes away by bike. It is a Chinese traditional water town with beautiful scenery.

For excitement, visitors can have a cross-country race at the Xindongli Taicang Beijixing cross-country race base in Zheng He Park, Taicang Port Economic and Technological Development Zone.