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Shanghai and Taicang innovate in industrial designs together

( chinadaily.com.cn )

Updated: 2013-07-22

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Delegates from Taicang and Shanghai have submitted a document about collaborating to construct a platform for industrial designs, as well as the first seven projects for the transformation and upgrade of themed activities at the first design week in Taicang. The document marks the start of collaboration between Shanghai and Taicang in innovating industrial designs. Taicang will further take advantage of Shanghai, which is considered a “Fashion Capital” thanks to its international marketing resources, to advance the development of the design industry and the upgrade of traditional industries.

Industrial design is a very important part of the productive service sector. The Loft Industrial Design Zone is the first base for creation and innovation as well as the first agglomeration for industrial designs in Jiangsu. On the basis of the program, the output value of Loft will reach 300 million yuan ($48.87 million) to 500 million yuan ($81.45 million). It will stimulate industrial economic growth of 5 billion yuan to ($0.81 billion) to 8 billion yuan ($1.3 billion).

With the close cooperation between Shanghai and Taicang, the collaboration has set a new goal for Taicang in industrial designs. In addition, Taicang will fully exert its advantages to propel the development of the industry between Shanghai and Taicang.

The first design week in Taicang is the first ever to be themed on designs across the whole of Jiangsu province. The roundtable held yesterday attracted 200 commissions and enterprise delegates in order to promote industrial designs in Taicang.