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Introduction of Taicang Port

Updated: 2012-03-08

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Taicang Port

Taicang Port, which is located at the south bank of the Yangtze River estuary, is a nationally recognized artery port for container transportation at the north wing of the Shanghai International Navigation Center, a hub for transportation by river and sea, and also the No.1 foreign trade port deemed as a key project by Jiangsu province. It has a 38-kilometer-long coastal line along the Yangtze River and a 12.5-meter-long deep-water route. It has 56 berths of different sizes, including 29 at 10,000-ton level and 10 for containers. The designed throughput capacity is 97.80 million tons and 4.35 million TEUs.

Introduction of Taicang Port

By the end of 2011, the throughput of cargos of Taicang Port had reached 110 million tons, a year-on-year increase of 27.3%, ranking the 12th among the national ports; the throughput of containers reached 3.058 million TEUs, a year-on-year increase of 38.3%, ranking the 28th among the national ports. In the year, Taicang Port signed agreements with the Port of Keelung and the Port of Taichung of Taiwan for cooperation. It has established partnership with a number of ports of Wuhan, Hefei, Wuhu, Xuzhou, Pizhou and Huai'an. Shanghai Pan-Asia Shipping has located its Empty Container Distribution Center in Taicang. A total of 18 more routes were added, bringing the number of the total routes to 99, including 11 for foreign trade, 29 for domestic trade, 41 as branches of the Yangtze River (canals) and 18 as branches of Yangshan Port, realizing an operation following the public transportation mode.

Introduction of Taicang Port

The system for linkage between the development zones and the port is implemented throughout the province. Service centers were established in Suzhou Industrial Park, High-tech Park and Kunshan Development District. Taicang Port Service Group Co., Ltd and Taicang Port Container Shipment Co., Ltd were established. Therefore, Taicang Port was honored as a model port of Jiangsu province.

Taicang Port National Economic Development Zone

Port Area of Taicang Economic Development Zone

The Port Area is the economic center of Taicang port. It has won such honorary titles as the development zone with the greatest investment value at the Yangtze River Delta, the park with the greatest investment value in China’s petrochemical industry and the national model industrial park with harmonious labor relationship. In addition, there are a number of featured carriers such as the Taicang Bonded Logistics Center and Jiangsu Taicang New Energy Industrial Park.

Introduction of Taicang Port

Three traditional pillar industries of petrochemical, electricity and energy as well as light industrial papermaking, and three emerging pillar industries of new energy, new materials and new equipment, have taken shape in the area. So far, the area has introduced 23 investment projects from central enterprises, 26 such projects from Fortune 500 enterprises and 15 such projects from US companies. It has introduced a number of projects concerning emerging industries, such as the Altusvia solar power project, GCL Solar system integration and crystal silicon slice project, the Taicang CNBM equipment manufacturing and solar power base project. Two enterprise-based academician stations and three national R&D organizations, including the Altusvia Research Center for National and Regional Projects of Efficient Solar Power Silicon Cells, were established.

In 2011, local GDP reached 20.8 billion yuan; the regional general budgetary revenue reached 1.356 billion yuan; the total industrial output value reached 70 billion yuan; the investment in fixed assets reached 12.8 billion yuan. In terms of the major economic indicators, the Port Area has been keeping a fast growth at 20% to 30% for several consecutive years.

New Area of Taicang Economic Development Zone

In 2011, with increasingly intensified cooperation between China and Germany, the construction of the Sino-Germany SME Business Cooperation Demonstration Park was accelerated. The Taicang Day of the Stuttgart event themed on "Review on Development of German Companies in Taicang in the Past 18 Years" was held. The number of German-funded enterprises in the area reached 160. The registered foreign investment in the year reached US$ 550million. A total of 10 projects, including the new factories of Vast Great, Hao Cheng Optical and TIGER Coatings, were put into operation. In addition, 20 projects with a total investment of over US$600 million, including the new factories of Air Well, E.G.O., FICOSA and Schaeffler, are advancing rapidly.

Introduction of Taicang Port

The 3-kilometer central business district has taken initial shape. The construction of the Energy Building, Quality Supervision Building, Taikoo Town and Wanda Plaza, are being accelerated. The Soccer Park in the New Area has been put into use. The 16 road upgrade and modification projects, including those for the Loujiang Road, Yueyang Road and Jinzhou Road, have been completed. The New Area has passed through the provincial review for ecological industrial parks and gone through the review for renewing the ISO14000 Environment Management System Certification. It has realized the 100% coverage of sewage pipes through out the concentrated residential quarters of the area. The green space was increased by 1.63 million square meters. The unification with Ludu Town was finished and the Loudong Sub-District Office was established. Therefore, the development of the area can be further expanded.

In 2011, the total industrial output value reached 67 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 23.8%; the overall fiscal revenue reached 6.25 billion yuan, up 18.8%; the general budgetary revenue reached 2.85 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 21.9%; the investment in fixed assets reached 9.8 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 21.1%.