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Kunshan to host cross-Straits mid-autumn lantern exhibition

Updated : 2017-08-08

Kunshan to host cross-Straits mid-autumn lantern exhibition

A lantern show celebrates the cross-Straits mid-autumn lantern festival. [Photo/chinanews.com]

The 2017 cross-Straits mid-autumn lantern exhibition will be held in Kunshan on Sept 20 to provide a world of shining lights to residents on both sides of the Straits.

The exhibition will be held first in Zhouzhuang, a key area for presenting cross-Straits culture in Kunshan. Featuring old town culture, Zhouzhuang will illuminate a series of stories through different light groups.

To fully present cross-Straits customs and Chinese traditional culture, the lantern show will offer more than 30 light groups with the theme of "Blooming Flowers and Full Moon", which means best wishes in Chinese.

Additionally, a series of activities related to cross-Straits customs, such as a themed party, a light show in Mazu Square, a painting exchange and a "barge cruise" will be held during the exhibition. Lantern culture is one of the Chinese traditional customs shared by both sides of the Taiwan Straits. The 2017 cross-Straits mid-Autumn lantern exhibition is an important platform for cultural exchange.

"The 30-day lantern exhibition will provide visitors across the Straits with a chance to gain a deep understanding of Mazu culture and promote the development of tourism," said Zhang Qin, the deputy director of the Taiwanese affairs office in Kunshan.



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