Fires swept across Inner Mongolia’s Yimuhe and Beidahe forests in the Greater Hinggan Mountains from April 30 to May 5, resulting in nearly 10,000 hectares of woodlands impacted.

Over 9,000 firefighters and forest rangers were dispatched to battle the blaze during the days. The firefighting headquarters utilized various methods to efficiently stop fire spreading and finally put out the fires.

In recent years, the Greater Hinggan Mountains have taken on a new look thanks to restoration and protection work. The ability to prevent fires and manage emergencies has also vastly improved.



  • April 30

    Fires spread across border from Russia to Yimuhe forest

  • May 1

    Over 1,000 firefighters dispatched to tackle the blaze; fire extinguished after an 18-hour battle

  • May 2

    New fires swept across Beidahe forest; strong winds resulted in fire spreading over a further 7 km

  • May 3

    Total 8,365 firefighters and rangers organized; aircraft, bulldozers and excavators sent to stop fire

  • May 4

    Fires in Beidahe forest spread across land measuring nearly 10,000 hectares

  • May 5

    A snowstorm aided in burying smoldering embers, while causing firefighters to quickly evacuate

  • May 6

    Trucks and helicopters dispatched to withdraw firefighters who encountered swing wrecked havoc