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Cultural industry steadily grows in Baotou

By Lu Wei Updated: 2016-11-14

The cultural industry has maintained steady growth in Baotou as the added value of the industry made up 2.43 percent of the GDP in 2015, growing from 2010’s 1.81 percent, according to the statistics bureau of Baotou.

The total added value of the cultural industry in Baotou hit nine billion yuan ($1.3 billion) in 2015, 4.6 billion yuan more than that of 2010.

The number of cultural institutions and organizations in Baotou was on the rise during the 12th Five-Year Plan (2011-2015). More companies in the cultural industry are set up in the city, with a total of 2,104 cultural-related companies settled by the end of 2015, a significant growth compared with 2010’s 768. The figure presents annual year-on-year growth of 22.3 percent.

The development of the cultural industry in Baotou has been spearheaded by Qingshan district and Hondlon district, with the total added value of the cultural industry in the two districts in 2015 making up for 80.3 percent of the city’s total. The number in Hondlon district reached 3.8 billion yuan, ranking first among the ten banners and counties under Baotou’s administration. And Qingshan district contributed a total added value of 3.6 billion yuan.