Changsha maglev project in progress

By Zhang Qiong (
Updated: 2014-11-27

The first precast beam for Changsha’s maglev project was launched in the Langli construction section in Changsha county on Nov 25, reported.

The project is expected to step into the track-laying phase by next July, to be completed for trials by the end of 2015, and finally start operations in the first half of 2016.

Construction teams have been deployed in all the six working sections along the whole line as of Nov 17, said the key engineering bureau in the county, as the land along the line had all been turned over by then.

The Changsha maglev line stretches 18.54 kilometers, around 90 percent of which is located in Changsha county, passing 12 villages (communities) in Huangxing town, Langli Street, Ganshan town, and Huanghua town.

The project levied land of around 640 mu, removed 83 houses and relocated 264 residents in Changsha county.

Since its activation this May, the project has received an estimated investment of 4.6 billion yuan ($749 million). The maglev line will have three stations – South Railway Station, Langli Station, and Huanghua Airport Station.

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