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Handling emergencies

Updated: 2013-12-16

Dial 110 for police and  119 for firefighters' help.

People can also head to the police station nearby to report a lost of passport or travel identifications and related documents. They can contact their consulates to apply for a make-up passport or other cards and documents.

If you have been robbed, you need to inform the hotel that you're staying in and report the incident to the police immediately. If you lost a bank card, you should note down your card number to inform the bank immediately. Most banks provide help to people in such situations with a 24-hour hot line and free telephone service.

Changsha seeks to revive porcelain production

In recent years, the local government has sought to revive the region's long tradition in porcelain making and boost local industry with the cultural influence of ancient Tongguan kilns, which have a history of 1,200 years.

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