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Lushi dama show their love for swan city

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Updated: 2017-01-24

A synchronized group modeling performance from a team of 80 Sanmenxia dama – middle-to-elderly-aged ladies – impressed the audience at the city's annual New Year Gala held earlier in January.

The Lirenxing modeling team from Lushi county's carefully choreographed performance, entitled Love of Swan City, glided in slow-paced unison across the Wenbo Opera House stage, the models draped in white patterned dresses.

With an average age of 55, the performers are mostly retired and spend the majority of their time at home looking after their grandchildren.

"We were really excited for the chance to be able to give performances at the gala," said Li, head of the team. "Not a single of us has complained of hardship or fatigue during the rehearsals which sometime last until late at night," Li added.

Two days before the show, a heavy snowfall in Lushi county put the performance in jeopardy. "We were really worried about the road conditions in Sanmenxia," Li recalled. Luckily it all turned out fine and the team showed their best to the audiences.

Lushi dama show their love for swan city

The Lirenxing modeling team from Lushi county performs at Wenbo Opera House on Jan 9. [Photo/ Sanmenxia Daily on WeChat]

Lushi dama show their love for swan city

Children dance during the Love of Swan City performance. [Photo/ Sanmenxia Daily on WeChat]

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