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Sport anglers try their luck at 1st session of Sanmenxia fishing tournament

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Updated: 2016-04-19

Sport fishing enthusiasts from all over China gathered in Sanmenxia on April 17 for the first session of the Qinglong Sport Fishing Tournament.

Over 250 anglers from provinces as far as Liaoning and Sichuan were invited to attend the event at Qinglong Lake Fishing Center.

The tournament consisted of four games, two of which counted the number of crucian carp and the other two weighed all species of the fish caught. A prize fund 1,888 yuan ($292) was up for grabs for the winner on the day and players' scores were counted toward the national competition scoring system.

Competitors were given a specified time and area in which to catch fish during the tournament. Scores were awarded for each fish caught and points depended on the fish's weight and type of species.

According to the center's manager Dai Chaofeng, the tournament not only improved the management of the fishing center, but also contributed to the cultural value of Sanmenxia. Dai said that more events like the sport fishing tournament would be organized in the future.

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