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Shanxian plans special vehicle manufacturing base

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Updated: 2013-06-24

Shanxian county under the jurisdiction of Sanmenxia city is constructing a special automobile and equipment manufacturing base to boost the county and city economy.

The production base will be constructed on the basis of Henan Junton Vehicle Co Ltd, a leading private enterprise in Sanmenxia, and will have full support from the municipal government.   The production capacity of the base will be 100,000 vehicles a year, and its output value will reach 35 billion yuan ($5.71 billion) when it is completed. The county plans to boost the development of related industries such as spare parts. Sanmenxia city also listed this base as an important project in the city’s plan for economic development this year.

The county government recently signed a cooperation framework agreement with Junton for the construction of the manufacturing base. The land area planned for the base is about 6.1 square kilometers. It will be divided into an assembly park, an equipment and spare parts park, a warehousing and logistics zone, and supporting commercial and residential districts.

It is planned that by 2015, the framework of this manufacturing base will be completed, and the production capacity will reach 80,000 vehicles. The sales revenue will also grow to about 30 billion yuan. By then, the base will become a leading and influential automobile production base in central and western China.

Junton, a company specializing in the manufacturing of special automobiles, set up its first dump truck production line in March 2005. Its first dump truck rolled off the assembly line that year. Since then, the company has set up production lines for tank trucks and special mining trucks. Its annual production capacity now stands at 50,000 vehicles, and its automobiles have been exported to many countries and regions, including Russia, Uzbekistan, Angola and Peru.

In June last year, Junton signed an agreement with a British company to introduce its multi-wheel driving technology to manufacture special vehicles for transportation in desert, swamp and mining areas. The prototype of such vehicles has been developed and is being tested, and the annual output of such vehicles will be 10,000 when the project goes into operation.


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