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Hangzhou cinema broadcast World Cup final live via 3D technology

2010-July-13 14:18:55

The early morning of July 12 was the most exciting one for soccer fans from east China's Hangzhou city as a local cinema broadcast the World Cup final between Spain and the Netherlands via 3D technology.

The Lumiere Cinema, the only authorized cinema in China to broadcast the match live, did a lot of preparation to secure a smooth broadcast of the final, including five small-scale demonstrations, which had aroused a great interest among fans.

Among all the theatres in Hangzhou, the Lumiere Cinema boasts the largest room for 3D movies, which has been hailed by 3D movie fans since the presentation of Avatar.

It has been the first time for a Chinese cinema to broadcast a soccer match through 3D technology.

Editor: Xie Fang and Liu Jingyuan

Source: Xinhua


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