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Construction of night market kicks off

2010-March-12 14:38:40

The 1,400-meter-long South Zhongshan Road from the Drum Tower to Wansongling Junction is to be developed into a night market of food and snacks. The project will kick off tomorrow and will be completed by Oct. 1st, the National Day. The South Zhongshan Road will be restored at both ends, as it was in history till 1990s when all the buildings along the east side were demolished due to the construction of Zhonghe Viaduct.

North End: Snacks Zone

The north end of South Zhongshan Road from the Shiwukui Lane to the Taimiao Lane, about 500m long, is to be divided into four sections featuring in snacks.

The first 30 meters will be a smoke-free BBQ area with about 20 stalls for take away food only.

The next 110 meters will be a stir-fries area with about 15 stalls, followed with 18 noodle stalls in another 110-meter-long area.

There will be about 40 stalls of local snacks from everywhere in China for the last 250 meters.

In order not to disturb the daily lives of local residents, no tables or chairs will be available in the snacks zone.

Central Section: Various Scattered Hawkers and Stores

The central section is about 500 meters long from the Taimiao Lane to the Wansongling Road.

As this section which is narrow with relatively heavy traffic, the hawkers will be scattered featuring in a variety of products like take-away food, packaged food, handicrafts, antiques, books, paintings, newspapers etc.

South End: Open-Air Food Stalls

In about 270m long area close to the original Hangzhou Cigarettes Factory, the South End is to be developed for the open-air sit-down dining area.

Hangzhou Commercial Assets Operation Company is to visit Guangzhou City, Xi'an City and Chengdu City to introduce more snacks and delicious food into the Night Market. They will offer a series of favourable policies for famed brands and traditional heritage brands.

Source: City Express


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