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Service Year for Women’s Health 2009 launched

2009-August-21 11:24:18

Cooperating with Hangzhou Red House Maternity Hospital, the Women’s League from Xiacheng District has recognized Women’s Health Service Year 2009 to further implement the Women’s Health Developing Project that is being carried out by Zhejiang Provincial government and Hangzhou municipal government.

The program aims to popularize health care knowledge among women, improve the health condition for women especially for those with a low income, and to enhance women’s life quality.

In the theme of “Caring Women’s Health, Building Quality Life”, 10 to 20 lectures given by experts about women’s health and free health check-up in cooperated hospital will be available for all women.

Women in Xiacheng District can also receive 20,000 health coupons with a value of RMB500.00, with which they can take a free health examination as well as a reduction of RMB200.00 and 20% discount from their treatment fee.

Red House Maternity Hospital will also give discount to groups in health checkup and offer a free lift when the number of people in a group exceeds 10.

Editor: Liu Fang


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