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Hangzhou hosts visitors for Life Quality International Exchange

2009-August-14 14:14:09

Hangzhou hosts visitors for Life Quality International Exchange

The Hangzhou Life Quality International Exchange organized by the Hangzhou Life Quality Team with the support of the Hangzhou Foreign Affairs Office, the Youth League Committee and City Express, was held in the Shangcheng District on May 27 to a host of visitors from all over.

About 200 guests, including officers from over 35 consulates and embassies, directors from world-famous universities and colleges, foreign experts and international students, as well as journalists from international mass media, were divided into four groups to inspect 27 places to experience the charm of Hangzhou, known as a City of Quality Life.

Hangzhou hosts visitors for Life Quality International Exchange

The guest’s busy day started at 7 am in Wulin Square, where locals were finishing up their morning exercises. The Tai Chi being performed outdoors, a symbol of China, caught the eyes of every guest. Mr. Shao, one of the instructors, performed the 13 Actions of Tai Chi and explained each action in English: "The second action is Lu…smooth out with the fingers, as if smoothing out a piece of paper."

Guests couldn't wait to have a try. Pauline from Canada followed Mr. Shao’s instructions. "I learnt Taichi a little bit. It's good for the health," she said excitedly.

Hangzhou hosts visitors for Life Quality International Exchange

US visitor Wen Xiaofan used to visit Hangzhou quite often when he was teaching in Shanghai. He enjoyed life in Hangzhou so much that he moved and settled there, where he now teaches at the Foreign Languages College of Zhejiang Gongshang University. Wen especially enjoyed the water bus route on the Grand Canal offered by the Exchange organizer.

At 8 am, as the sun shone over the Grand Canal, water birds like cormorants occasionally flew over the water’s surface. Wen couldn't help commenting, "Beautiful, very beautiful."

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