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Taiwan business sector hopes to expand ASEAN markets with help of Guangxi
( chinadaily.com.cn )
Updated: 2014-03-24

A summit concentrating on boosting industrial ties across the straits, called “2014 Guangxi Cross-Straits commercial and cultural cooperation forum” kicked off in the city of Kaohsiung, Taiwan on Feb 24.

Guangxi boasts a geographic advantage in having close links with ASEAN, with its large market and similar agricultural resources, and this will be the power behind accelerating cooperation between Guangxi and Taiwan and moving into the ASEAN market, said a representative of Taiwan’s business sector.

The Chinese mainland has decided to turn Guangxi into a new key zone for the south-west and middle-south development regions, to promote cooperation and communication between Guangxi and Taiwan, said Wei Chaoan, deputy secretary of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region’s Party Committee.

Guangxi is an entrance gateway to ASEAN and has become a popular new area for investment from Taiwanese companies which can move into ASEAN through Guangxi, said Cai Liansheng, secretary of the Federation of Taiwan Industry.

Taiwan has been negotiating with Guangxi companies on the introduction of a business model based on cold chain logistics, the technology of ultralow temperature fishery processing, funding and so on, said Huang Yicheng, director-general of the Taiwan Fishery Association.

The mainland overtook Japan to become the biggest export region for Taiwan’s agricultural commodities and this presents fa avorable balance for the first time. Guangdong has a similar climate, categories of agricultural commodities and the same type of agriculture as Taiwan; so they have a bright future for cooperation, said Lu Husheng, CEO of Taiwan’s Rural Development Fund.

Communications on the categories and technology of agricultural products are favorable to both Guangxi and Taiwan, taking Taiwan’s superior variety of sugar canes and Guangxi’s kumquat and grasp as examples. Specifically speaking, 70 percent of the sugar cane planting area in Guangxi is covered by sugar cane from Taiwan and Taiwan favors the planting technology of some agricultural from Guangxi, said Bai Xianjin, president of the Guangxi Zhang Autonomous Region Academy of Agricultural Sciences.

Guangxi leads other western provinces in the size and growth rate of utilizing investment from Taiwan. It has received 68 new contracts from Taiwan with a $1.41 billion investment.

Edited by Lin Hong and Brian Salter

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