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Shopping malls to boost Liuzhou’s service sector
( chinadaily.com.cn )
Updated: 2013-07-31

About 20,000 job seekers gathered at Liuzhou’s Bubugao Square to compete for the 5,000 vacancies provided by a shopping mall soon to open, despite the extremely hot weather.

“As the first commercial complex in Liuzhou, the square’s opening will mark a new beginning in the city’s service sector. Another eight shopping mall projects in progress are expected to bring the sector to the next level,” said Ye Zhibai, director of Liuzhou’s investment promotion bureau.

The total investment of the eight projects is about 50 billion yuan ($8.16 billion). With all of the eight going into operation, the GDP contributed by the service industry is expected to increase by 5 percentage points.

The Liuzhou government has been working very hard to attract investment since this year. In the first half year, it allured a total of 32.26 billion yuan. The Guangxi government set up a goal for the city to get about 61.5 billion yuan in 2013 and more than half of the target has been completed by now.

About 32.25 percent of the funds will be put in 55 industrial projects, while 67.25 percent will go to 57 projects in the service business.

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