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Liuzhou cab fare hikes start on July 1
( chinadaily.com.cn )
Updated: 2013-07-02

The city of Liuzhou in the Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region finalized a new taxi fare hike plan last Thursday, which will be effective on July 1.

The base fare will rise from 3 yuan ($0.49) to 6 yuan for the first 2 kilometers. After the first 2 km, the rate per km will rise to 1.7 yuan from 1.5 yuan, according to the municipal government in Liuzhou.

There is no fuel surcharge for each ride under the new cab fare charging system. But both idling fees during traffic jams and cab fees late at night will increase from July 1.

The idling fees will begin after the first five minutes spent waiting. For every three minutes idling after the first five minutes, passengers will need to pay half of the cost for each kilometer.

People who take taxis between 11 pm and 6 am will need to pay an extra 20 percent for each kilometer. In the previous regulation, the period was during midnight and 5 am.

There are nine taxi companies in Liuzhou, operating about 1,800 taxis in the city. Due to the rising labor and fuel costs, the city has decided to revise its cab fare system after seeking suggestions from taxi companies, taxi drivers and industrial organizations.

The previous cab fare systems took effect in 2004 and had operated for about nine years. It is reported under the new cab fare system, for a 5-km ride, passengers need to pay 5 percent more compared to the price under the former cab fare system.

The cab fare will rise 6.6 percent to 17.01 yuan for a 7-km ride. For a 15-km ride, the cab fare will surge 40 percent to 47.41 yuan, compared with the former pricing system.

The city will change meters on the 1,800 taxis in Liuzhou starting July 1. The work is expected to finish before the end of August. Between July 1 and August 31, there will be two cab fare charging systems working in the city. Those taxis, which have already switched to the new fare system, will have a yellow label to help people identify.

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