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Liuzhou strengthen air pollution control
By Zhang Yuan ( www.chinadaily.com.cn )
Updated: 2012-05-21

The vehicle pollution control and management center and environmental protection technology center were both established on 9 May in Liuzhou, attached to Liuzhou’s environment protection bureau.

The two centers further optimize the environmental protection management system of the city and help the city make a step closer to the target of being the national environment protection model city.

The establishment of the Liuzhou vehicle pollution control and management center is a symbol that Liuzhou’s work on preventing and controlling the vehicle exhaust pollution is on track.

The relevant department said regular monitoring and authorization of environmental conformity inspection marks of vehicles will be started within the year. This means the unqualified vehicles will be kept off the road by that time.

The authorization of an environmental conformity inspection mark for new cars will be started this June.

Meanwhile, Liuzhou’s environmental protection technology center will not only help the environmental protection administration department in technical services but also lay a solid foundation for improving the efficiency of vehicles examination and approval.

It will provide support to the administrative departments on environment assessments, technology consulting and other operations as well.

The city will invest three million yuan ($476,000) to purchase PM2.5 monitoring equipments and will install them in six monitoring stations in the city within this year to fully implement the new air quality standards.

According to the local government, six sets of monitoring equipments are in the process of procurement bidding at present.

It is estimated that all the equipments will be installed and put into pilot operation this August.

In recent years, the numbers of vehicles in Liuzhou rose rapidly. The air quality is becoming worse due to carbon monoxide, hydrocarbon, oxynitride and particles from exhaust emissions.

Currently, Liuzhou has build up four monitoring stations for the annual inspection of cars. Two of them have connected with the vehicle regulatory center of the environment protection bureau to combat air pollution.

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