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"Dragon City" Liuzhou
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Updated: 2011-08-29

Liuzhou is an eco-city fit for living and working. In recent years, the city put great efforts to strengthen urban infrastructure and ecological environment construction, and was listed as the "Environmental Protection Model City" by the State Department of Environmental Protection. In 2008, the number of days with air quality higher than second air quality standard reached 98.4 percent. Liujiang River flows through the city center; the water quality is all the best in Guangxi province. In 2006 when Premier Wen Jiabao visited Liuzhou, he praised the city as boasting “beautiful mountains, clear waters and clean ground”, naming Liujiang River as "the greatest brand of Guangxi."

Liujiang River is not only good in water quality but peculiar in shape as well. With a U-look, it embraces Liuzhou city to its heart. The slogan “city in the landscape garden and landscape garden in the city" vividly summarizes Liuzhou’s special city view. You may see it with your own eyes by standing on top of Ma’anshan Hill - the clear water of Liujiang River is winding around the city, forming a large natural bonsai. Premier Wen once spoke highly of the city upon his visit for its “beautiful mountains, clear waters and clean ground”. Such landscape is considered one of the best in the country as a whole.


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