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update: 2011-07-01

Wedding customs in Zhaoqing are interesting. On the day before the wedding day, the bridegroom and bride prepare for the wedding in their respective homes and must not meet each other. The bridegroom’s family set off firecrackers to launch the festivities. A man and woman, who are considered to be lucky, often a middle-aged couple who have a son, are invited to make the bed. The bridegroom may not sleep in the new bed.

In the early morning of the next day, the lucky man and woman will comb the bed, looking for hair of the bridegroom, to check he didn’t sleep there. No matter how much the dowry is, the bride’s parents must prepare two small fire cages filled with charcoal and covered with red paper for the bride, symbolizing their wish for a happy life for their daughter and son-in-law after the wedding.

On the eve of the wedding, the bride doesn’t sleep. Before dawn on the wedding day, the bridesmaid will dress the bride up. In the morning, a float arrives at the bride’s home to fetch her. The best man will call out, asking to see the bride, but the bride, accompanied by her bridesmaid, refuses to come out of her room, implying she is reluctant to leave her parents. If the elder brothers of the bride are unmarried, they should stay away from the site and must not see their younger sister leaving the house.

Meanwhile, the bride’s mother will put a pair of men’s trousers above the door of the bride’s room and pull the two legs apart so that her daughter may stride out of the room through the crotch of the trousers. Then the bride and bridegroom will offer tea to the elder people on the bride’s side and say goodbye to them. The bride’s mother will hand her ten treasures symbolizing felicity and luck. They are a red envelope, brown sugar, a date, a longan, yeast, rice, a lotus, a lily, a peanut and noodles.

By now, the bridegroom will lead the bride and cross the threshold of the gate. If the elder brothers of the bride are unmarried, her father will hold a red umbrella for the bridegroom to protect him from the sun.

When the float returns to the bridegroom’s home, his family will assign a woman who has given birth to a son to take over the red umbrella amidst the shooting of firecrackers. She will open the umbrella, cover the bridegroom and lead him to the bridal chamber. None of the bridegroom’s parents and siblings may see the bridegroom and bride getting off the float and walking into the bridal chamber.

After the bride enters the bridal chamber accompanied by the bridesmaid, she will sit side-by-side with the bridegroom on the edge of the bed.

Afterwards, they will go to the hall and perform the formal wedding ceremony. They will firstly thank their ancestors and then their parents.

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