Dabu plans to invest more in transport projects

The county of Dabu, Guangdong province, plans to inject 21.6 billion yuan ($3.5 billion) into 13 transport infrastructure projects

Dabu, porcelain capital of South China

Porcelain making in Dabu has a long history that can be traced back to the late Song Dynasty and early Yuan Dynasty.

Wanfu Temple Religious and Cultural Tourism Zone

Both the internal and the external facilities such as parking lots, hotels, restaurants, and landscaping should be improved.

Shuangji Mountain Forest Park Development

A villa area, cave adventure area, bamboo lounge, swimming pool, catering services and other facilities will be developed.

Calyx House--Hakka Architectural Wonders Tourism Zone

According to the plan, Calyx House is to be upgraded with the construction of a water amusement park, restaurants, and exhibitions on fortified house culture, film culture, ancient coins, photos and other objects, as well as Hakka folk custom shows.

Development of Hakka Folk Culture Village in Dabu County

A Zigzag Bridge, Lake Pavilion, Flower Garden, Root Bonsai Garden, Amusement Park and Hakka Arts Gallery will be constructed, accompanied with Hakka folk exhibitions displaying Hakka architectural models, photographs and Hakka farming tools, kitchen utensils, clothing, etc. as well as Hakka folk custom shows.

Mount Hengping Tourism Zone

A millennium temple known as Qiming Temple is to be renovated, and stairs leading up the mountain to the scenic spot will be built and supported by the construction of an environment-friendly parking lot, toilets, a scenic spot gatehouse, tourist service center and local specialty shops. A cave exploration area will also be developed.

Gaobei Ceramics Industrial Tourism Zone

In Gaobei Ceramics Industrial Tourism Zone, a ceramics exhibition hall, ceramics production workshop for tourists and other items will be constructed, with emphasis on visitor participation.

Fengxi Forest Resort Development

The main projects of Fengxi Forest Resort  include construction of a gatehouse for the resort, an environmentally friendly conference hotel, a high-end Cantonese cuisine restaurant, a high-end Chaoshan cuisine restaurant, a mountain health club, a large dance performance venue, a public leisure sports park, mountain huts and other amenities.

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