Getting a look at Dabu county's ceramics business

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Updated: 2013-08-16

The political consultative conference chairman of Dabu county, Zeng Zhaoming, paid a visit to the Meizhou Linhai Ceramics Co, in Meizhou city, on Aug 8, along with the conference's vice-chairman, Zheng Tiansheng, to get a closer look at its operations, development, and production line to better understand the direction of ceramics this year, as well as any difficulties or problems.

Meizhou Linhai was founded by Zhang Fenglin, a member of the county's political consultative conference standing committee, who explained to the guests that the company has had some good results thanks to certain opportunities and an expanding market, with production and sales both growing.

Zeng said he recognized the company's achievements and that it should use every development opportunity it can get and increase investment and production for new growth and strength, while Zeng added that he hopes the company can do more in R&D to raise its technology level and help popularize the county's ceramics.

Edited by Zhao Qian and Roger Bradshaw