Dabu county to prosper its honey pomelo industry

By Zhao Qian ( chinadaily.com.cn )

Updated: 2013-08-08

Some representatives of agricultural enterprises and agriculture bureau officials from Dabu, Guangdong province took part in a seminar on Dabu county's honey pomelo business and related development, on Aug 6, the Dabu government has reported.

The vice-head of the county, Zheng Shangsen explained that, this year's honey pomelos will ripen at the beginning of September and the local companies need to pick the fruit after it fully ripens to ensure quality. The county also needs to develop greater brand awareness, expand the markets in China, and abroad, and cultivate better relations with sales personnel.

Representatives of local farming companies discussed ways to develop their honey pomelo business, promote market growth, and improve quality, output, and operations.

Edited by Roger Bradshaw