Taiwan media record Spring Festival customs

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Updated: 2013-02-22

Taiwan media record Spring Festival customs

Zhong Wen, a Hakka culture ambassador, and Li Chunen, president of Taiwan's Global Hakka Post, visited South China's Guangdong province's Dabu county, the first week of the Chinese Lunar New Year to get a closer look at local customs and photograph the special Hakka New Year celebration and folk customs, the Meizhou Daily has reported.

The photographers visited the county's popular scenic spots, including the Hua E Building and Tai An Lou, to record local customs, such as the "Hakka Rites of Spring".

There was also a wonderful performance for the Taiwan media by the Dabu Guangdong Hakka Orchestra. The film crew expected to record the Hakka people enjoying the lanterns in the city of Xingning, Guangdong province, on the 10th of the Chinese Lunar New Year.

The recorded materials will soon appear on Taiwan's special Hakka Television Station.

Edited by Zhao Qian and Roger Bradshaw