Implementation of major projects in Dabu county

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Updated: 2013-01-31

1. Han River (Gaopi) Water Conservancy Project: At present, the project proposals have been reviewed by the Ministry of Water Resources and submitted to the State Development and Reform Commission for approval. An investigation regarding the reservoir inundation-affected zone is undergoing.

2. Dabu Power Plant: This project has obtained the reply to application forconstruction land from the Ministry of Land and Resources and approval of its environmental impact report from the Department of Environmental Protection. Both the energy assessment report and social risk assessment have been completed and submitted to the State Development and Reform Commission for approval.

3. Meizhou-Dabu Highway Project: Last year 505.07 million yuan ($81.1 million) was invested into this project. The project is now seeing steady progress with new roadbeds, bridges and tunnels. The project’s east extension received an investment of 484.55 million yuan last year, representing 126.4 percent of the total annual investment.

4. Highway between Sanhe Exit and Dabu County: Construction started in December 2012.

5. Ruishan Ecological Tourism Zone: An investment of 100 million yuan was made. Construction is currently underway for the main entrance, parking lots, main roads, and a visitor’s service center. In addition, the area has cultivated 161.9 hectares of trees and conserved 1,000 Arbutus plants.

6. Hongbao Five-Star Hotel Project: At present, the environmental assessment, project evaluation, feasibility study, project establishment, planning and land acquisition have all been completed. Residential building designs have been drafted. Dabu is now planning to begin early pile foundation construction.

7. Dabu Gas Pipeline Project: The investment amount of the project achieved 115 percent of the planned investment, making efforts to provide gas to the area along West Road in the inner ring and Ruijin Hotel by the end of this year.