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Ecuadorian President Correa commends CGGC for its magnanimity

Updated: 2016-04-27

On April 22 (local time), President Rafael Correa of Ecuador arrived at Bahia de Caraquez to supervise the earthquake relief work. He was told that CGGC dedicated manpower and material and financial resources at the first time to relieve victims when he came to the working area of CGGC rescue team. On hearing this, President Correa gave a thumb up to sincerely appreciate CGGC and Chinese people.

It is reported that, on April 19 (local time), CGGC Sopladora Project Management Department set up the first 13-member rescue team composed of civil engineers, medical personnel and machinery operators and dispatched them overnight together with excavators, loaders, dump trucks, ambulances, flatbed trailers and a huge amount of medicines, potable water and food to Bahia de Caraquez, a city on the central coast of Ecuador, for participation in the quake relief tasks organized by local government. The rescue team had overcome adverse effects caused by aftershocks and collapses here and there on their way and got through the "lifeline" of rescue by utilization of mechanical equipments. Finally, they reached the disaster area in the epicenter and jumped in the field relief work. CGGC rescue team was divided to two squads: field rescuers used machines including excavators, loaders and dump trucks to assist the professional earthquake rescue team of local government in removing the ruins; medical staff placed a healthcare mobile station in front of the ambulance to treat injuries and distribute medicines for wounded people.

Ahead of this, CGGC Project Management Department of Yachay Knowledge City had donated supplies worth 10 thousand US dollars to affected staff of Yachay Company. In addition, as the Vice President Company of Chinese Corporate Chamber of Commerce in Ecuador (CCCCE), CGGC had offered humanitarian donation worthy of 10 thousand US dollars to the Ecuadorian Government through CCCCE, giving full play to CGGC's brotherhood with Ecuadorian people.

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