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Ceremony of “Donation of CGGC to People of Nepal for Earthquake Relief”held in Beijing

Updated: 2015-05-12
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On May 5, Ceremony of “Donation of CGGC to People of Nepal for Earthquake Relief” was held in Embassy of Nepal, Beijing. Fu Junxiong, Party Secretary and Vice President of CGGC and Chen Xiaohua, Vice President of CGGC presented at the ceremony and donated 200,000 dollars relief fund to Nepal on behalf of CGGC. Nepalese Ambassador Mahesh Kumar Maskey accepted the donation and sincerely expressed his thanks to CGGC for its contribution to earthquake relief.

Before the ceremony, everyone presented at the ceremony stood for a moment of silence in memory of the victims who died in the devastating earthquake in Nepal on April 25. Fu Junxiong, on behalf of CGGC, donated cheque to Nepalese Ambassador Maskey and addressed a speech after standing in silence tribute.

Ceremony of “Donation of CGGC to People of Nepal for Earthquake Relief”held in Beijing

Fu Junxiong said: “China and Nepal have one thousand years’ history of friendly exchanges, and CGGC has earned Nepal’s trust and built a deep friendship with Nepal through years of endeavor. Once heard the “4.25”Quake-hit Nepal, every staff of CGGC began to concern about it. We are willing, under the unified coordination of Nepalese government and the embassy in Nepal, to support earthquake relief work in Nepal. We firmly believe that, under the leadership of Nepalese government, Nepalese people will be able to overcome the current difficulties, defeat the disaster, rebuild their homes, and win an all-round victory in the disaster relief finally!” Fu said.

Ambassador Maskey expressed his gratitude to Chinese government and CGGC for their support and help. He said that Chinese government and people have been showing solicitude about Nepal’s disaster. CGGC has actively helped Nepalese people in stricken area to do relief work and provided selfless help, which is the reflection of the deep friendship between China and Nepal. Ambassador Maskey expressed his thanks again to CGGC for its contribution to deepen the friendship between China and Nepal.

According to the official news, 7365 people were dead and 14366 were injured from the massive earthquake. Upper Trishuli Hydropower Station contracted by CGGC was seriously affected with several Nepalese staff died. After the disaster attacked Nepal, CGGC has been concentrating on the progress of earthquake relief. CGGC took measures to guarantee people’s safety and reduce lose of property and minimize the influence on project progress. Meanwhile, CGGC also prepared money, equipment and supplies to help Nepalese government and people to defeat disaster and rebuild homes. since the massive earthquake stroke Nepal, the project department of Upper Trishuli Hydropower Station took advantages of infrastructure construction, organization﹠management and material reserves to place and help over 1000 local victims, providing them with water and food, which earned local people’s praise.

Upper Trishuli Hydropower and Chameliya Project contracted by CGGC are significant parts of Nepalese energy infrastructure construction, playing important roles in improving Nepalese economic development and people’s livelihood. CGGC has gained praises from Nepal for guaranteeing these two projects’ progress, safety, environmental protection and quality meeting requirements of the contracts.


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