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First units of Jinping Stage-I Hydropower Station put into operation

Updated: 2013-09-02
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On Aug 30, the first two 600MW units of Sichuan Jinping Stage-I Hydropower Station, which has the world’s highest double-curvature arch dam and were undertaken by CGGC, was put into operation.

Since CGGC started the construction of Jinping Stage-I Hydropower Station in 2004, it has successfully tackled worldwide technical problems involved the highest arch dam, the largest high slope, the largest geological treatment project and the largest energy-dissipation water head in the world as well as surrounding rock control of underground powerhouse under the condition of high ground stress, etc., ranking the 1st in the industry, in China, even in the world, and making great contributions to hydropower scientific & technological progress in the world.

Located at the adjacent area between Yanyuan county and Muli county, Liangshan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan province, Jinping Stage-I Hydropower Station is a controlling reservoir between Kala and the estuary at the lower reach of the main stream of Yalong River. The concrete double-curvature arch dam of the hydropower station is 305m high and is the highest double-curvature arch dam in the world. The large-scale Jinping Stage-I Hydropower Station consists of six 600MW power generating units, with the total installed capacity of 3,600MW.

On average, the station is expected to output 1,086,000 kilowatt hours during the low-flow period of dry year and output 16.62 billion kilowatt hours during wet year. After being put into operation, Jinping Stage-I Hydropower Station is expected to save 7,682,000 tons of raw coal, reduce 105,000 tons of sulfur dioxide emissions and 13,712,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually.

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