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Gongboxia Hydropower Station wins the Golden Prize of 2009 National Quality Award

Updated: 2009-11-30
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Lately, the China National Quality Award Appraisal Committee announced winners of the 2009 National Quality Award, and Gongboxia hydropower station, of which CGGC has involved in the construction, was among the five winners of golden medal of 2009 National Quality Award.

The station built at the Yellow River is a key project in the country’s 10th five-year plan period, and also the start-up project of the development of the western regions strategy and the north passage for west-to-east electricity transmission. The multi-functional project can be used for power generation, flood control and irrigation, and the total capacity of the reservoir is 620 million m3.

It cost five years from August 2001 to August 2006. The first generating unit of the station started to generate power in September 2004, making that the total hydropower installed capacity of China has exceeded 100 million kilowatts. After the station was put into operation, the annual volume of power generation reached 5.238 billion kilowatt hours; thus, the station has become a pillar project in frequency modulation, peak regulation, flood control and irrigation, and bringing considerable social and economic benefits.

CGGC began to participate in the construction of the station in April 2001, and spent only 27 months from pouring the first bunker of concrete to constructing the power plant building, which was the fastest in the construction of hydropower station with the same scale. CGGC has made outstanding contribution to the completion of the station and its one-year-ahead power generation. The extraordinary exterior appearance made the station the first million-kw-hydropower station building without decoration at home.

The station has made numerous records in China’s hydropower construction. Besides being listed as the demonstration project for hydropower construction, it has swept almost all prizes in the field of hydropower construction, including National Quality Electrical Project Award, the Luban Prize (the highest honor in the construction field), Zhantianyou Award for China Civil Engineering, National Environment-Friendly Project Award.

The National Quality Award was approved in 1981 by the State Council in the engineering construction field and is granted annually.

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