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Fuzhou announces new intangible cultural heritage list
Updated: 2015-03-27

Fuzhou, the capital of Fujian province, recently announced the fourth batch of intangible cultural heritages of the city, the Southeast Express reported March 27.

Up to 36 items such as "Eight Tunes" of Fuzhou Dialect and the "thin-walled brown glazed pottery" were among the list. So far, the city has more than 180 intangible cultural heritages at various levels covering the fields such as folk literature, traditional arts, sports and medicine.

Eight Tunes of Fuzhou dialect

"Eight Tunes" refers to the phonetic notation system of Fuzhou dialect, which has four voiced tunes and four unvoiced tunes, according to Shi Wenling, the heritage applicant.

"The notation of eight tunes is about to be lost, and people now hardly know the phonetic spelling of Fuzhou dialect," said Shi.

Thin-walled brown glazed pottery

Fuzhou announces new intangible cultural heritage list

The history of the pottery can be traced back to the Song Dynasty (960-1279) and it was also brought to Japan by monks during ancient times, said Lu Jialun, the applicant.

According to Lu, the pottery was used to store tea in the Song Dynasty. What makes it different from other earthenware is its wall, which could be only 1 millimeter thick in ancient times.

With the transformation of the Chinese tea culture, the pottery was gradually faded away by the market, and its ancient craftsmanship was lost. However, through eight years of research, Lu revived the craftsmanship. Now the wall of pottery is just 0.3 millimeter.

"It is not only the cultural treasure left by our ancestors, but also the symbol of Fuzhou pottery," Lu pointed out.