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NPC deputies discuss delegating legislative power
Updated: 2015-03-11

There was a panel discussion on the sidelines of the 12th National People's Congress (NPC), on March 10, where Fujian's NPC members put their heads together to examine proposed amendments to the Legislation Law which mulls expanding legislative power from 24 to 284 cities.

The common sense is that the legislation power must be executed discreetly with utmost respect and full preparation.

Liu Dezhang, a former deputy director of the Standing Committee of Fujian People's Congress, commented "This [delegating power to the local level] is a good thing, but we have to ask ourselves, how many cities in Fujian can handle major law-making?" then added, that he had seen some "ridiculous" regulations submitted by local authorities.

He went on to explain, "Legislation is not as easy as you think, just getting some guys together to work on it and passing it. Now, delegating more power will no doubt generate a passionate response for legislation, but first we must improve the municipal congresses and give them a solid foundation for law-making to avoid cheapening laws."

The current head of that Standing Committee, Su Zengtian, said he agreed with Liu, "I've noticed a trend where an increasing number of laws are proposed by government departments and the people's congress reviews them seriously so as not to harm people's rights."

Weighing in on the matter was Su Jinwen, head of Jimei University, who noted that the people's congress ought to help draw up laws in advance instead of just reviewing them and, "If the congress is short of manpower, then local governments can hire a professional service for the draft, then get people's opinions."

Yuan Jingui, a former deputy director of the Standing Committee, added that we need legislation standing on solid ground, because, "If it's too strict to put into practice then it's not a good law."