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A 57-year-old mother gives birth to twins
Updated: 2015-03-04

A 57-year-old woman, named Wu Muxiang, in Nanping city, East China's Fujian province, recently gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl, through artificial insemination.

The mother, whose only child died in 2013 due to an acute cerebral thrombosis, has much suffered by such a tragic loss and has decided to have another child after a long time. Before she finally succeeded in conceiving, she went through nine artificial insemination operations in Beijing.

Since she was in an advanced maternal age, she has frequently been warned about the risks of having children at this late age. But she insisted on being a mother, ignoring potential risks.

Wu endured some pain during her 30-week-long pregnancy period. She suffered the first faint in the 20th week of her pregnancy, something that recurred frequently from then on.

Having been concerned about her health and safety, some relatives tried to persuade her to abort it, but she insisted on having the twins.

Wang Jinhua, a doctor from Fuzhou People's Liberation of Army General Hospital said that Wu had risked her life for her kids, but "the fact that she successfully gave birth to twins is an international medical miracle."

According to Dr Wang, the suitable age for artificial insemination is 25 to 45, and the most appropriate age is definitely before 35. "It is easier to get cardiovascular morbidity with increasing of age. Therefore, for Wu, who, at 57, is well-beyond the recommended age for such an operation, it is quite risky to go through artificial insemination," he stressed.

The twins weighed 1.6kg and 1.2kg respectively and both suffer atrial septal defects. It is still unknown whether the twins can survive or grow up healthy.

Talking about bleak prospects, Wu recognizes uncertain future for them. "I'm not quite sure about the future, but at least the kids are alive now, and we will take care of them happily," she says.

By China Daily Fujian Bureau

Edited by Mevlut Katik