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Top gaokao scorers in Fujian
Updated: 2014-06-27

As the results of gaokao, or national college entrance exam, were announced on June 25, the high-scorers from Fujian province were unveiled.

Among the five gaokao champions, three are from southern Fujian.

Top <EM>gaokao</EM> scorers in Fujian

Lin Zihan, liberal arts gaokao champion Lin Zihan from Quanzhou No.5 High School [Photo/dnkb.com.cn]

Lin Zihan got a score of 666 and an award score of 10 for being an outstanding student.

As a sports lover, Lin often plays football, even when facing the most arduous learning tasks. His favorite book is A Dream in Red Mansions, the most influential Chinese classical novel. Lin enjoys singing as well. He believes that everyone is unique and should keep his own personality.

Lin’s teachers see him as versatile, a young man with charisma among his classmates.

Top <EM>gaokao</EM> scorers in Fujian

Ye Yufan, liberal arts gaokao champion Ye Yufan from Longyan No.1 High School [Photo/dnkb.com.cn]

Ye Yufan scored 666 and an award score of 10.

Ye was a little surprised about her high score in gaokao. “It is higher than estimated. I think I am lucky,” she said.

She gave credit to her teachers and classmates, since she believes the teachers’ teaching methods and peer discussions helped her a lot.

When talking about Ye, her teacher said she was hardworking and grateful to people around her.

Jiang Bingsen, liberal arts gaokao champion

Top <EM>gaokao</EM> scorers in Fujian

Jiang Bingsen from Huian No.1 High School [Photo/dnkb.com.cn]

Jiang Bingsen scored 671 out of 750.

Jiang is warm-hearted, always with a smile on her face.

Jiang’s favorite subject is English. She has taken part in many English contests and won. She thinks her secret to high grades is treating her studies as something fun.

Jiang is by no means a nerd, and she has many hobbies. She loves playing volleyball and badminton, surfing the Internet, reading novels and watching anime.


Lin Yuyun, science gaokao champion

Top <EM>gaokao</EM> scorers in Fujian

Lin Yuyun from Fuzhou No.1 High School [Photo/dnkb.com.cn]

Lin Yuyun earned a gaokao score of 692.

Lin never felt stressed at school. He gets along well with his classmates and studies in a relaxing atmosphere, Lin’s classmates said.

Lin is a club fan. He joined the astronomy club, physics club and handicraft club.

Lin has unique study skills. He studied effectively, Lin’s teacher said.


Zhang Haowen, science gaokao champion

Top <EM>gaokao</EM> scorers in Fujian

Zhang Haowen from Quanzhou No.5 High School [Photo/dnkb.com.cn]

Zhang Haowen got a score of 690 in gaokao and an awarded score of 10 for being an outstanding student.

Starting in the first year of high school, Zhang was ranked in the top three.

Zhang was an active student and he prepared for every important exam one and a half month before it, said Zhang’s teacher.

With increasing knowledge on mathematics and physics, Zhang, the president of his school’s astronomy club, did not think of astronomy as a hobby. He hopes to get a job in this field in the future.

Zhang is also addicted to Weibo, a Chinese social networking site. Almost all of his 4,955 Weibo posts are about astronomy.

Recently, cuaa.net released a report on gaokao champions, showing that since 1977, when gaokao was resumed, the top scorers in Fujian came from 31 schools. Most of them were from southern Fujian. Zhangzhou city and Xiamen have 12 champions each, followed by Quanzhou city (7) and Fuzhou city (5).

Among all the gaokao champions around the country, 288 of them chose to study economics, and 283 chose business administration, accounting for 38.45 percent of 900 champions. Electronic information, law, life science, computer science and technology, Yuanpei program at Peking University, architecture, physics and automation are also popular among the high-achieving students. None of them picked agriculture as a major.