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34 arrested in cross-Straits fake drugs roundup
Updated: 2014-06-20

BEIJING - A joint law enforcement operation between the Chinese mainland and Taiwan has resulted in the arrest of 34 suspects involved in a fake drugs case.

More than 980,000 pills of quack medicine have been seized, said a Ministry of Public Security statement on Thursday.

According to the statement, a Taiwanese suspect surnamed Lin was sentenced to imprisonment for crimes involving fake drugs in 2010 but fled to the mainland before being incarcerated.

He then continued selling fake drugs from the mainland to Taiwan.

Mainland police received reports relating to the case from Taiwan investigation authorities in January this year. The two sides have worked together to arrest the suspects involved, the statement said.

As a result of follow-up investigations, a production site for the fake drugs has been closed and a group selling the illegal products has been busted on the mainland.

Taiwan authorities have also arrested people involved in selling the drugs on the island.

Law enforcement agencies on the two sides have been in close contact and will continue with interrogations and exchange evidence with each other, the statement said.