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Forum will help advance cross-Straits cooperation
Updated: 2014-06-19

The organizing committee of the 6th Straits Forum pledged on Monday it would help implement policies boosting cooperation and communication between Fujian province and Taiwan.

The favorable policies apply to various sectors in economy, trade, culture and land use.

The Pingtan Comprehensive Pilot Zone released a catalogue of business items subject to a corporate income tax rate as low as 15 percent.

Meanwhile, Pingtan will also carry out land management reform, where it will provide land for emerging industries and the modern service industry.

Taiwan investors’ access to the cultural market in Fujian will be expanded, with relaxed restrictions in operating entertainment venues, agencies and setting up performing arts groups in the province.

A training and communication base for new-type farmers across the Straits is set to be established in Zhangzhou city.

Travel permits and visa procedures for Taiwan residents entering the mainland will be available at Jinjiang Airport of Quanzhou city.

Xiamen is authorized by the General Administration of Customs to pilot a program of shipping parcels to Taiwan.

Five more ports in the province will be open for small cross-Straits trade with fewer limits on ship tonnage and transaction amount.

Fujian will also allow more flexible use of land by Taiwan-funded enterprises in the province with no extra fees.