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Hurun Global Rich List
Updated: 2014-03-02

When Shanghai's Hurun Research Institute published its Hurun Global Rich List for 2014, on Feb 25, it contained 31 billionaires from Fujian province, out of a total of 1,867 whose personal wealth is $1 billion or higher, with the US's Bill Gates, coming in at the top spot, with $66.9 billion (410 billion yuan), and an increase of 70 billion yuan over last year.

Following Gates are Warren Buffet and Amancio Ortega, founder of Zara. At the top of China's rich individuals is Li Ka-Shing, 86, with a fortune of 200 billion yuan, followed by Wang Jianlin, 60, and Lv Zhi, 85, tied for second place, with 150 billion yuan each.

The US and China hold the lion's share of billionaires, with the US having 481 and China, 358, giving Asia 824 billionaires in all, the most for any continent, the majority of them in real estate.

Regarding birth of place, Fujian has 31 native billionaires, only in 5th place in China after Guangdong, Zhejiang, and Jiangsu provinces on the mainland, and Taiwan Island. Meanwhile, 65 billionaires in the Greater China region live in Hong Kong, the largest single number, nine in the city of Fuzhou, at 10th, five in Xiamen, 15th, and three in Quanzhou, 25th. Lin Wenjing, founder of the Rongqiao Group, is Fujians richest individual, with $3.9 billion, at 408th place on the global list.

Others in Fujian making the top 1000 include: the Chen Fashu family, at 491st, with 21 billion yuan; Lin Xiucheng and Lin Zhiqiang, at 567th, with 18.5 billion yuan; Shi Wenbo, at 594th, with 18 billion yuan; Xu Lianjie, 613th, with 17.5 billion yuan; the Ding Shizhong family, 757th, with 15 billion yuan; Zhang Xuansong, 943rd, with 12.5 billion yuan; and Ou Zongrong, 993rd, with a fortune of 12 billion yuan.

By Lu Ting from China Daily Fujian Bureau, and Zhao Qian

Edited by Roger Bradshaw