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Cross-Straits cooperation on an innovative future
Updated: 2013-08-12

At the 8th Cross-Straits Youth Festival in the city of Fuzhou, Fujian province, on Aug 4, the theme was “Youth, Culture, Vitality, and Innovation”, which was intended to pull in as many illustrious guests from the mainland and Taiwan as possible to discuss further cooperation and the more innovative development of the culture industry.

Zhang Zheng, a PhD at Tsinghua University’s National Cultural Industry Research Center, gave a speech about “Production and life: an innovative future for cross-Straits cooperation”, in which he cited statistics on the cultural industry in Fuzhou and Taiwan, and described their unique industries and analyzed common industry types.

He remarked that, “The cultural industry is a strategic choice of Fuzhou and other major mainland cities because it is a key contributor to the economy, and a driving force in politics, society and culture,” and added that he believes an innovative future needs cross-Straits cooperation in human resources, businesses, funding, and technology, in alliance with the global markets.

Edited by Lin Hong and Roger Bradshaw