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Youth Entrepreneur Conference in Fuzhou
Updated: 2013-08-12

Several dozen top young entrepreneurs from various industries such as IT, biomedicines, cultural innovation, light industry, and clothing, from the mainland and Taiwan were invited to a cross-Straits forum in the city of Fuzhou, Fujian province, on Aug 3, to share their experiences with several hundred college students and young people interested in starting their own businesses.

One member of Taiwan’s Youth Career Development Association, explained, “Starting a business is a problem young people from the mainland and Taiwan Both face, but Taiwan already has mature ways in dealing with this that mainlanders can learn from.” The association, which was founded 41 years ago, has more than 4,500 members.

The president of the Fuzhou Confederation of Commerce and Industry, Lei Chengcai, said that Fuzhou will support communications and cooperation by young people on the mainland and in Taiwan and look for talented people from Taiwan to start businesses in Fuzhou. This could provide support for the proposed “Golden Triangle” economic circle, along the Minjiang River, in Fuzhou city.

The conference is considered an important part of the 2013 Cross-Straits Youth Festival that the Fuzhou government, the Youth Career Development Association, and Taiwan’s 1111 Job Bank hold.

Edited by Lin Hong and Roger Bradshaw