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Green economy creates more livable Fuzhou
Updated: 2012-10-15

Green economy creates more livable Fuzhou

Fuzhou, capital of southeast China’s Fujian province, began industrial construction and enjoyed remarkable success through the establishment of numerous processing enterprises in the central part of the city since the 1960s. In recent years however, chimneys in these factories have been emitting exhaust gas and waste residue leaving a negative impact on city appearance and threatening the health of neighboring residents. Chimneys will certainly be removed as people grow more aware of environmental protection.

Though enterprises in the city center have implemented eco-innovation and reached higher waste discharge standards, they still occupy the central parts of Fuzhou and influence the city’s overall layout. The status quo cannot satisfy Fuzhou’s development requirements for a livable environment. Enterprises are also restricted both in land area and finance limitations.

To address this issue, Fuzhou put forward the idea of “two wings in north and south Fuzhou” in its 11th Five-Year Plan (2006-2010) in January 2006. The strategy was based around the theme of “vitalizing the city with a harbor and stretching two wings”. It was presented in October 2006 at the ninth Party Congress of Fuzhou city. The strategy, which was further illuminated in January 2007, proclaimed that Fuzhou would start with concentrating projects and utilizing a deepwater harbor to speed up the transfer of its industrial economy to its “Two Wings”. The city would also build a brand-new industrial cluster near the harbor by seizing development opportunities in the western Taiwan Straits Economic Zone.

At the same time, Fuzhou will promote the transformation and upgrade of industries by setting up eco-industrial zones, tourism synthesis and leisure vacation villages. Fuzhou will gradually move the processing industry away from its center and introduce service industry enterprises. The environment will improve with the disappearance of polluted factories. Enterprises that have been moved to the “Two Wings” industrial zone are working to carry out clean production and develop a recycling economy.

Fuzhou has been actively building an eco-civilized city in the past years by adding green coverage along 2nd and 3rd ring roads. It aims to be the capital city which boasts the greenest space in China.

After years of work, Fuzhou is making progress in creating a green economy that will transform the city into a more livable place.

Edited by Lin Hong, Zhang Pan and Michael Thai