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Fuzhou the exchange center for access across the Taiwan Straits
Updated: 2011-10-11

In the next five years, Fuzhou will be vital in terms of trade across the Taiwan Straits. Fuzhou will be used to promote the free passage for motor vehicles between Fujian and Taiwan province, as well as standardize and regularize travel to the island.

In the 12th Fuzhou's Five-Year Plan period (2011-2015), Fuzhou is assigned exchange center for access across the Taiwan Straits.

The plan aims to provide services in terms of finance, insurance, freight, bond and tax rebate. It also aims to open a green and easy access passage for key enterprises involved in trade with Taiwan. push forward the comprehensive docking between "electronic portals" and Taiwan Trade-Van. Fuzhou and Taiwan will both be responsible for examinations, price auditing and inspection results. Both provinces' target is to establish the Fujian-Taiwan cooperation trade council.

Fuzhou will issued with more preferential policies on journeys to Taiwan, for instance, "permit on arrival" can be given to those who travel to Taiwan from Fuzhou. Fuzhou has become a city with "individual visit" privileges to Taiwan. Langqi port in Fuzhou has opened to Taiwan province and Taiwan entrepreneurs have been encouraged to invest in new tourist projects in Langqi.