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The 25th CIHAF launches several activities
Updated: 2011-09-30

The 25th China International Real Estate & Architectural Technology Fair (CIHAF) will be held at the Fuzhou Cross-Straits International Convention and Exhibition Center from Nov 16 to 21.

With the theme of “home makes a better city”, this year’s CIHAF is about “wandering around Fuzhou to see my 25 changes”. Its aim is to invite the public to witness the livability of Fuzhou through the changes of the urban landscape, the city spirit, and of individuals, families and overall qualities.

The activities are divided into three stages. The first one starts from Sept. 26 to Oct. 20. The organizers will collect and cast votes on the theme of “wandering around Fuzhou to see my 25 changes”.

The second stage lasts from Oct. 20 to 21. The organizers will award the most distinctive “25 changes in Fuzhou” in the eyes of the public.

The third stage starts from Nov. 16 to 21. On CIHAF site will set “the most impressing 25 changes in Fuzhou” theme wall, “25 scenes in Fuzhou’s housing market” theme wall, “wandering around Fuzhou to see my 25 changes” print ads display wall etc.