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Bike rentals popular in Fuzhou
Updated: 2011-07-07

FUZHOU---More people are choosing to go green by renting bicycles from 23 rental stations in Fuzhou’s Gulou district for an environmentally friendly way to tour the city.

Not everyone can rent a bicycle at the rental stations. They are available only to people ages 16 to 65 and above 145 centimetrs in height.

How do you rent a bike? Go to any window of the bicycle-renting station with your ID card; sign a bicycle rental agreement to get an IC card and put 300 yuan in the card as a deposit. The IC card costs 20 yuan. To initiate the IC card, you need to prepay at least 50 yuan. The card can be used at any of the station, and bicycles can be returned to any station.

How much does it cost? Within one hour’s time, it’s free. The minimum charge is one yuan for one to two hours. It costs two yuan to rent a bicke for two to three hours, and three yuan per hour after three hours. The maximum charge is 30 yuan per day.

What happens if you lose the bike? The replacement cost is 800 yuan.

For more information, call 87853555 or 87762333.

By Hu Meidong and Yang Jie (China Daily Fujian Bureau)