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Shoushan stone sculpture heads for Expo
Updated: 2010-03-30

A ceremony for shipping the Shoushan stone sculpture - "Upcoming Spring" - to Shanghai Exposition was held in Fuzhou on March 21.

This spectacular sculpture will be displayed at Shanghai Expo as a unique treasure of Fujian pavilion and unveil the distinct culture of Shoushan stones.

Made from a precious stone in Shoushan, this sculpture of 600 kilograms 56 centimeters deep, 78 centimeters wide, and 140 centimeters tall, took Chenlizhong, the provincial master of craftsmanship, five years to finish.

With the traditional theme of birds and flowers, "Upcoming Spring" adopts a realistic depiction to reveal a vivid picture of Nature. Fifty-six carved birds of various types symbolize the harmony and unity of the 56 Chinese ethnic groups and the prosperous future with which China is endowed.

Translated from: usqiaobao.com