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Longyan's 152 tourism traffic signs get finished
Longyan's new 152 tourism traffic signs were finished construction recently.
Fujian welcomes guests from Jilin province
Yongding County welcomed guests from Jilin province on Dec 11.
Zhangping heats up in tourism
Zhangping's Jiupeng River becomes a popular destination among tourism recently.
Longyan's Liancheng County finishes its tourism guide sign project
A total investment of 480,000 yuan ($77,472) went into the tourism guide sign project in Liancheng's Meihua Mountain, Fujian province.
Longyan adds four national historical and cultural towns
Longyan has its Hukeng town, Zhongshan town, Zhongfu village, and Dongyang village listed in the "China Historical and Cultural Towns (Villages)".
Xinluo holds Fujian Tulou painting exhibition
Lu Guo held a Tulou painting exhibition in Xinluo county, Fujian province,recently.
Fuzhou Airport to be covered by WiFi
A free WiFi signal is available at every corner of the terminal building of Fuzhou Airport.
Fujian promotes ETC system on highways
China will consolidate the electronic toll collection (ETC) system in 14 provinces and municipalities on Dec 21.
Yongding tourism industry runs smoothly
Yongding county, Fujian province, has a smooth running in its tourism industry in November, according to Yongding Tourism Bureau recently.
Longyan "pick-tea lantern dance" included in national representative ICH items
Longyan's famous "pick-tea lantern dance" has been included in the list of the fourth batch of national representative intangible cultural heritage (ICH ) items.