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Technology of Wuping green tea takes the lead in China


Longyan city authorities in Fujian province have concluded that Wuping has introduced and selected good tea varieties, developed planting and processing technologies and summarized proper methods of fertilization and clean production for the benefit of the whole green tea industry.

The authorities conducted an inspection of the county's project concerning research into the key technology of Wuping green tea and its standardization rules – and the county passed the inspection with flying colors.

Wuping boasts 6,300 acres of green food production base, and the experts concluded that the county has improved the quality of its green tea, and also obtained good economic, social and ecological benefits.

They also concluded that Wuping county's green tea industry leads in soil testing and fertilization during the tea-growing stage, and also leads in temperature control and processing during the production phase. The experts added that the county's green tea production has a positive influence on the continuous and healthy development of the green tea industry in Fujian.

Wuping has carried out systemic research on the key technology of green tea, and the county also formulated eight standardized operation rules. It has won many awards for its tea and has registered Wuping green tea as a trademark. For example, Wuping won three gold awards, two silver awards and four high-quality tea awards at the Sixth China Green Tea Cup contest.

By Liu Wei

Edited by Chen Zhilin and Micheal Thai