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About Longyan



In 736 AD (the Tang Dynasty), the prefecture of Tingzhou was established in western Fujian, administering Changting, Huanglian and Xinluo counties. Six years later Xinluo was named Longyan after the nearby cavern, a famous scenic site.

Due to the ancient conflicts in Central China and aggression from northern tribes, many Han people moved from Central China to Longyan.

In 1734, the area was designated Longyan prefecture by the imperial court. In 1913, it reverted to its former name, Longyan county. In 1981, Longyan city was established.

Minxi was a strategic base during the Chinese Civil War. It's said that tens of thousands of people from Longyan joined the PLA during the Chinese Civil War. Nearly every family had someone sacrifice their life on behalf of the CCP. More than 26,000 locals took part in the Long March, which in total was carried out by 86,000 people.


Moreover, from 1955 and 1968, 68 people from Longyan were awarded Brigadier General or above, which accounts for 82 percent of all generals from Fujian province at the time. Therefore, Longyan is also known as the "Home of Generals".