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Wuping dried pork liver


Wuping dried pork liver

Dating back to the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), Wuping dried pork liver is made of fresh pork livers and gallbladders that have been soaked in a sauce consisting of salt, five spices, white sugar, and white liquor. After mixing with the bile and sauce, the pork livers will be flattened, air-dried and reshaped. The Hakka usually steam the liquor-dipped dried pork livers on a rack with sesame oil for 30 minutes. Afterwards they are cooled and cut into slices.

Wuping dried pork liver is a good choice for a gift. It is well received by people from Hong Kong and Macao and overseas Chinese. In addition, it can help to promote the secretion of saliva and reduce body heat.